Sunday, July 29, 2012

Jalan2 ReE IbraHiM ke Besut TerenggANu, Malaysia

Me and my friends to Besut Terengganu for tour while eating chicken and beef satay. This Satay is very popular at this place. Satay with no fat and not greasy. It's very tasty.

I am very satisfied to eat satay that night. I think i want to go there soon.....

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Jalan2 ReE iBrahiM to Bukit Sami Perlis Malaysia

Last Month, Me and my friend Faisal climb the hill called Bukit Sami near Gua Sami at Kangar Perlis. I do not know how high of that hill but the stairs to go to the  top of the hills are about hundreds  from below. This  cave called Monks Cave/ Monks Hill because in the past it known where the Monks from many place came here and be imprisoned in that cave. Now city councils of Perlis change that name to Cenderawasih Cave. We can see on the top nice view of the sea, Kuala Perlis and Paddies field like a carpet. It is very beautiful up there.

Although very tired but it was worth climbing the hill to be able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and breathe the fresh air on the top of the hill.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Jalan2 ke Singapore

Last week me and my friend going for a holiday at Singapore. This vacation are not on my budget list because it expensive. The money currency two and a half times more than ours. From LCCT Kuala Lumpur to Changi Airport at Singapore about 45 minutes. Me and my friends arrived at the Changi Airport 6.40 am.

 Changi Aiport Singapore.

We buy easy-link card to taking the monorail to go to our destination. First we go to the Hotel with the most cheap rate at their place but too expensive for us.

View of our Hotel RM300++, to small as RM60 Hotel in Malaysia.

And then we going to the City Hall where the city pulse of Singapore. Beautiful scenery of Singapore city from the sea.  It is look like modern city of Singapore.


Merlion the singapore trademark under construction


Now the view of orchard road and underground mall..

Last destination....Chinatown....

To tired and i back home to Malaysia with a lot of memory and experience on that island....