Friday, July 13, 2012

Jalan2 Ke Shah's Kitchen Kangar

This time me and friends to a restaurant named "Shah's Kitchen" at Kangar Perlis Malaysia. This restaurant is situated at Kangar to Padang Besar highway. The food is cheaper than Mai cafe. But not a lot of food menu is served. We want to find the meat burgers are homemade, homemade burgers unfortunately has no stock. Quite disappointed with the burger, we continue to eat other foods in the menu. I choose Oblong, Faisal choose "Jumbo sausage" and Salwa choose "Beef Burger". The food is quite tasty and filling us in the night.

Romantic view

Oblong RM4.50

Jumbo Sausage RM5.50

Beef Burger RM4.50
After that meal we were going to other stall to have our dessert at near stall. Our dessert is "Roti Jala" with "Pengat Durian" as it sauce. It very delicious and I love it much.

"Roti Jala + Pengat Durian" RM2.00
Yum...Yum... I am totally full. Love Malaysian food......


  1. auw...lapar upset...becoz of tade beger homemade tu...relly wanna try and feel the taste..ok tonight we shud go another kedai beger...grill beger waiting here...

    1. berbaloi dgn homemade burger mlm td kan...membuatkan aku lapar apabila teringatkannyew...hihihi