Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Jalan2 ReE IbraHim Dari Perlis,Penang ke Kota Bharu Malaysia

During the return trip from Penang to Kelantan. I walk the hills and forest reserves in Malaysia are very beautiful. I go through the forest, the Titiwangsa Range, Silver Lake Banding in a very wide and also peak Titiwangsa Mountains very cool. The scenery is almost 100 times I have experienced while studying in Perlis. It is very interesting scenery and never disappoints. Let us see, I took the picture while driving a car.

 At Belum Rainforest.

 Banding lake.

 At the peak of Titiwangsa mountains.



Accident occur...
 My journey took about 6 hours to arrive at my hometown. I love this sweet journey and i do not felt tired fro my journey because of the beautiful scenery.

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