Saturday, July 14, 2012

Jalan2 Ke Home-Made Beef Burger Stall 1.5 inc

Finally we found the "home-made beef burger" after last night disappointed. This time we are very satisfied. Me and friends to a stall in front of  "Restaurant Anjung.Keli" which the stall selling home-made beef burger. Name it "Special Grilled beef burgers". 100% pure beef and marinated with spices that make it very tasty. Meat is 1.5 inches thick and Grilled for 45 minutes. Despite a long wait but it was worth it. A very reasonable price of RM6.50.

The Banner said : 100% Pure Meat.. Must Try it....
It is very tasty and i could not wait to eat it.
3 set of burger with home-made beef.
1.5 inc thick.

 I feel it is very tempting and tempted to eat another set. Given time to prepare for too long in the 45 minutes, we canceled our faith because it was late at night. Next time if there is time we go back again.