Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Jalan2 Ke DeerLand Pahang

Another place I and friends to Kuala Gandah in Pahang. Kuala Gandah is also home to deer sanctuary where wild deer are harmed by people or injured due to the traps by hunters rescued and protected these ailments are treated and saved from an accident in the forest. Deerland is located on the hill between the highway Lancang Kuantan-Kuala Lumpur. The journey which takes 30 minutes from the highway to the elephant sanctuary. Tickets priced at RM10. Thanks to workers treated us well and very polite. As we came to hang out with the support of the unfortunate animals that pass the three of us is free to mingle with animals that are in place. Let us observe the animals are endangered. Your ticket contribution is to treat and conserve the wild animals. Save wild animals and then come to this Deerland.

Among the activities done here is to hang out with the deer, hedgehog, snake, bear and many more by walking around the area, took pictures and feed the animals with food prepared or carried there. Let us provide support for abused animals.

I love my pets....miss them so much.....

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